I was a member for several years and left when it looked like the Association was about to run out of money and have to close its doors within a year. I see that this forum is still getting responses so looks like I might have been mistaken. What is the current status of the ASP? How many members does it have? What are it's expectations for the future?

Thanks! Dan

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asked Jan 21 at 05:41 PM DanHite 1 avatar image
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This Question and Answer site is an outreach effort of the Association of Software Professionals. Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of joining the ASP is the member forums. Unfortunately, those forums are not available to the general public.

There are some extremely popular question and answer sites available such as StackOverflow & Programmers. However, those sites often close a lot of questions that deal with how to sell, market and operate a small independent software company.

Join the ASP today. Annual membership is only $100.
Jeff, This space is available.



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