I was a member for several years and left when it looked like the Association was about to run out of money and have to close its doors within a year. I see that this forum is still getting responses so looks like I might have been mistaken. What is the current status of the ASP? How many members does it have? What are it's expectations for the future?

Thanks! Dan

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asked Jan 21 at 05:41 PM DanHite 1 avatar image
avatar image jeffgibson Mar 23 at 05:18 PM

The future of the ASP is very promising Dan! Glad to see you were checking things out with the ASP again. We have a full board of individuals in place moving the ASP in a positive direction. Would love to have you back!

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To paraphrase Mark Twain, "the reports of ASP's death are greatly exaggerated."

Yes, the ASP has come through a difficult time, but we are now emerging from the crisis with new energy and a renewed purpose: We have entered into new partnerships with Embarcadero and will continue to develop partnerships with other companies which support independent software vendors (ISVs).

We have recognized that the issues facing ISVs have changed, and the ASP is changing as well. In the past, our membership was almost exclusively application developers for Windows-based PCs. As the technologies have diversified, so have our members: We still have traditional application developers, but also a growing community of smartphone app developers (both iOS and Android) as well as PaaS and SaaS application developers as well.

I invite you to come back and experience the "new" ASP – we plan to be around for quite a while longer!

Regards, James Greene ASP Director

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answered Mar 20 at 02:16 PM James.Greene 16 avatar image
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Hi James. Interesting comments. I am trying to join at the moment (Re: WebAccount). You have had payment for several weeks and so far two emails from Richard Holler requesting email confirmation. Delivered twice.

Still nothing is happening. Do you need some help?



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answered Mar 20 at 07:48 PM iHydra 31 avatar image
avatar image jeffgibson Mar 23 at 05:15 PM

Rob. My name is Jeff Gibson. I'm the President of the ASP. Were you able to get things handled on joining the ASP? Please let me know.

Thanks a bunch Rob!

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Hi James

Yes. Richard has sorted everything. Fully signed up and moving forward.

Thank you for your assistance.



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answered Mar 25 at 03:16 PM iHydra 31 avatar image
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